True Love in Turkey

So yesterday I came back from my holiday in Antalya, Turkey with my boyfriend (who is now myIMG_6751 fiancé) , which is the reason to why I haven’t posted anything in well over a week! I hadn’t been on a relaxing holiday since 2014, so it was so lovely to just kick back and sit around doing  absolutely nothing for the whole week! It’s been just over 24 hours since I got back home, and I already have serious holiday blues! Its 18° where I live at the minute, and where I stopped in Turkey it didn’t go bellow 32°, so its safe to say that I am a little bit chilly! I was a little skeptical about going to Turkey as I had never been before, however, it is honestly such a beautiful place! We stayed in Hotel Baia Lara, a 5 star all inclusive resort, and it was AMAZING! However, the temperatures were so high, you couldn’t walk on the sand because it was THAT hot, ouch!


Our first day of the holiday was one to remember. This is because my boyfriend had planed to propose to me me! Don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life. He took me down the beach for a walk after dinner, and it was so perfect, and I couldn’t be happier!



1The sea was so clear, it was like being in the Caribbean! We spent most of our days lying around the pool, drinking beers and cocktails, and having the occasional nap on the sun loungers! My breakfasts consisted of pancakes and a croissant with chocolate sauce and my lunches consisted of pizza, pretty much everyday. But who wouldn’t want pizza everyday for lunch, right? They had a little outdoor restaurant where they made them, and I must say, they are probably the best pizza’s I’ve ever had!

Unfortunately, the other days of the holiday were not as as good as the first day, IMG_6735
for obvious reasons, however, we did have an absolutely amazing week! By far one of the best holiday’s I’ve every been on! The food was amazing, our room was lovely, the staff were very friendly and the resort itself was faultless! We had the best time EVER… until we got to the airport to fly home. Our transfer coach picked us up from our hotel at 11:50 pm, then we got to the airport 20-30 minutes later. We went into the airport to look for our flights on the departure boards, however, we were confused to see that our flight weren’t displayed. Another lady, who was on the same flight as us, informed us that the reason to this was because not only was our flight IMG_6733delayed, but we were also being flown to the wrong airport. Were suppose to be flying to Birmingham, but instead we had to fly to Manchester because of “technical issues”. So our 2:20 am Flight to Birmingham Airport had turned into a 6:40 am Flight to Manchester! Meaning we had to wait for 4 hours and 20 minutes for our flight! It was such a long, tiring wait, but it was such a relief to finally get home! But apart from all the airport drama, we had the best week of our lives, such an amazing holiday filled with memories we’ll treasure forever.


Signature(Photo of the hotel was taken from the Baia Lara website, I did not take it and I don’t own any rights)

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